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What are QR codes

QR code

QR codes are a type of matrix (2D) barcodes. The big difference with the older linear (1D) barcode is that it can contain hundreds of characters. Perfect for storing links or other digital data.

The QR code technology is freely licensed by DENSO WAVE and in the beginning designed for the Japanese automotive industry. Thanks to the fast readability and easy to recognize design we can nowadays find QR codes everywhere.

If you like to read more about QR codes, visit the Wikipedia page.


What we do

We offer a platform that generates an QR code connected to a given URL. After the creation of your QR code you can export it in various formats. This includes an easy to print PDF document. To achieve a good and readable QR code we shorten your URL. This has as a big advantage that your QR code is scanned much faster and can be printed in a smaller scale.


How to create an QR code

Simple! You can start creating and sharing your QR code in just two steps:

QR code
Enter website URL

This needs to be a valid URL starting with "http://" or "https://".


  • https://www.qrtag.net/
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code
  • https://www.denso-wave.com/en/
QR code
Export QR code

You can export your QR code in three different formats:

  • PDF A print friendly document offering your QR code in three different sizes.
  • SVG A vector oriented image. Perfect for using in print designs with no quality loss.
  • PNG A pixel perfect transparent image. Great for usage in your website or digital application.

Why us?

Three simple reasons why to use QRtag.net

Its Free!

Its 100% free* without ads.

365 Days+

Your link stays for 365 days** alive after last usage.


We have over 10 years of experience with hard linking.



* We will try to keep the basic link creations service as free as possible.

** We may change the amount of keeping alive days. This is due to server capacity and user usage behavior.


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