API Instructionsgenerate qr codes on your own website


You can use this API for free on your website. Important to know is that the generated QR codes are only being cached for 24 hours. This is unlike the 365 days of our main service. Why? Well the purpose of this API is primarily for direct sharing. For long time sharing we recommend to use our standard service.

Please use this API only for legal purposes. We will always reserve the rights to disable or terminate this service at any time without any warnings. For more information read our terms of service.


Getting Startet

You can use the QRtag.net API as a normal image. Just use the following URL structure:


Your QR code will link by default with the page on which is was embedded. If you want to use another URL add the "?url=[URL]" parameter, where [URL] is the URL that the QRtag links. For the image output you can choose between PNG (a transparent bitmap image) or SVG (a vector orientated image). The size of each pixel can be determined with the [size] parameter.


Basic usage

Embeding a QR code of the current page of your website as a PNG image.

<img src="https://qrtag.net/api/qr.png" alt="qrtag">




Embeding the QR code as a SVG image.

<img src="https://qrtag.net/api/qr.svg" alt="qrtag">




Advance usage

Embedding a QR code as an PNG image, with a custom link and a pixel size of 4.

<img src="https://qrtag.net/api/qr_4.png?url=https://www.qrtag.net" alt="qrtag">




Embedding a QR code as an SVG image, with a custom link and a pixel size of 12.

<img src="https://qrtag.net/api/qr_12.svg?url=https://www.qrtag.net" alt="qrtag">




That's all! Have fun coding :)


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