Terms of Service


Service Description

The service we offer can be used to link a URL with an QR code. However, there is no guarantee that the service is operating properly. We always try to ensure that this is given, but can not accept any guarantee or liability. Even if the user of this service suffers any form of damage.


Users Responsibility

Anyone who creates a link with our services is responsible for this themselves. We have no influence on which user uses this service and in what way. Therefore we accept no liability for the created links.

We have no easy way to determine who created a link since we do not store any user IP addresses. For this reason, we unfortunately can not respond to erase or change requests of individual QR-Codes / links. Users of our service should always carefully considere this when creating a QR code / link.


Unauthorized Use

Under prohibited usage we understand the creation and distribution of QR codes / links, which refer to websites with criminal, illegal or dubious content. We reserve the right to delete created QR codes / links even if we only have the impression that they will violate the law and / or operated with dubious goals.

Do you want to report a miscellaneous QR code / link? Please use our report form.


We reserve the right to update these terms at any time.