Help us?

Yes you can! We need your support to stay alive... what you can do to help us?
  • Spread by hyperlinking your world
  • Tell friends and family about us
  • Just create links

Want to do more? Well then there is alway the option to make a donation. Thank you very very much wink 

Missing something?

Are we missing something? Please inform us about your ideas and requests! Were happy to help you.

What happens if I sponsor a tag?

Well all the commercial Google ads will be removed and the money will be used for suporting / sponsoring!

How can I scan QRtags?

Simpel just download a QR or 2d barcode scanner for your mobile... Just visit with your mobile and follow the download instructions.

Creating a link

Creating a link is very easy. Just goto the create tag page and fill in all the fields.

Note :
  • Place the website link(s) at the url field(s).
  • If you check "public tag" then your QRtag will be public to all our users.
  • Check "comment" if you wan't users to place comments at your tag.
  • Check keep informed if you want to keep informed by mail about user comments.
  • Don't forget to check the box "Accept policy" and type the correct captcha.

When your finished press "Create Tag" you will be redirected to your page.

Placing an image

Showing an image at your QRtag is easy. Just enter the image link in the url field. Don't have an online image? Use a free image uploader like After uploading copy the direct link url in your qrtag url field. Thats all.

How can i intergrate youtube movies?

Intergrating YouTube movies is simple...
  1. Go to
  2. Select a movie
  3. Find the field on the right called "URL"
  4. Select the URL and press Ctrl + C now go back to
  5. Select the field Url on the QRtag creation page and press Ctrl + V
  6. If everything is correct you will see a link that looks something like ""
  7. Your done!

Note :
  • YouTube movies are only previewed on the non-mobile version of
  • Movies with the status ( check field "Embed" )  "Embedding disabled by request" can not be played on In this case you will only see a link with the preview image of the movie.

How can i intergrate Google maps?

Intergrating Google Maps in your QRtag is easy
  1. Go to
  2. Select a location
  3. Click on "link" (located on the right top)
  4. Select the URL / link and press Ctrl + C
  5. Select the field Url on the QRtag creation page and press Ctrl + V
  6. If everything is correct you will see a link that looks something like ",-95.677068&spn=32.059939,79.013672&z=4"
  7. Your done!

Why the email address?

Well first of all we use your email address for keeping false posts out. Sure, there allways be spammers but using an email + captcha code helps a little bit.

Secondly we need your email address so we can send you an email containing a link to your QR tag for editing or deleting.

Thirdly, well we connect stuff  so your email address links you with your links and comments. In the near future people can manage and group  their links and export them as one QRtag.

Can I edit or delete a link?

Sure... if you filled in your correct email adress you'll get a confirmation mail. In this email you will find a link that redirects you to your created link with the abilety to edit or delete.

We are bussy with the creation of a user account option. This option alows you to edit create an group several links. Also you will be able to create your personal page.

Can I use smileys?

Yes you can wink! Smileys are accepted in all the text fields so feel free to use them... evil Click here if you want to know the smiley codes!

Why do i see QR editor behind my name?

Well if you post a comment with the same email address as you have created a link you will get the status "QR editor". 

How can i change my name?

If you posted a link with the same email address but a different name then your username is changed.